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Excuses for being late for school

It's my alarm clock's fault. It's never been the same since I hit it with that sledgehammer

I was attacked by a squad of army ants

I'm not actually late, I'm early for tomorrow

My bike ran out of gas

Let's just say that Bigfoot doesn't take "no" for an answer

I'm not late, I'm punctually challenged

My dog swallowed my alarm clock

The school bus was hijacked. You didn't see it ?, it was on the news...

I couldn't jump start my alarm clock

I fell in a huge puddle and had to wait for my clothes to dry out

It's my parents fault, I'm genetically predisposed to tardiness

I was trying to get the static charge out of my clothing

We have a really old toaster that just takes ages to warm up in the mornings

An elephant was hogging the water fountain

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