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Excuses for not answering a phone call

I didn't hear it ring.

I knew it wouldn't be for me.

I was in the shower.

They've almost finished my replacement. All they need is a voice print to copy. But I'm smarter than those damn aliens!

It was probably burglars calling to see if we're home. Now they think we aren't. So when they come over I'll finally get a chance to try out my new Colt.

I once answered the phone and got bad news. I'm smart enough to learn from stuff like that.

No completed call, no income to the phone monopolies! Got to fight them somehow.

I'm in training to be an executive. In upper management, we don't answer our own phones.

You really want to know? I was "unavailable." You know what that means? I was in the bathroom. How far do you want me to go with the details?

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